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We have various testing and data collection methodologies

Frequently Asked Questions

We have established a number of sites nationally, tools, instruments, equipment, and other resources that we use to field test our products. Our process is tailored to fit our partners' needs, budget, and time frames.
Our main goal for a successful pilot is coming up with a clear value proposition for the product. We consider a pilot successful when our partners are able to incorporate valuable feedback from the field into the product design and are able to successfully launch their products in the market.
No, Kijani Testing Limited is not a distributor of any products, however we help link partners with a network of distributors on our contact list to help get the product to market.
Kijani Testing Limited has a simple reporting process that entails weekly calls with the partners, weekly reports and monthly reports. We are also flexible to respond to workable reporting structure as the partner may prescribe.
We have a strict policy on confidentiality of the information that come to our possession about our partners’ projects. Indeed we are open to signing none-disclosure agreements when presented by partners.